The Community Hall
The St. Albert and District Community League was
founded as a society in 1939 with the objective of
constructing and operating a facility to accommodate
a variety of community needs.
The hall has a rare feature in halls, valued by many,
plenty of natural light from its expanse of windows
The League built the St. Albert Community Hall in
1940, mostly with donated materials and volunteer
For 75 years the Hall has served as a focal point for
the community of St. Albert for weddings, dances,
parties, fundraisers, and a variety of other social
Over the years the Hall has also served as a public
library, a church, and a courthouse.
The Hall is also home to many non-profit organizations
and recreational groups.
Many of St. Albert’s citizens have spent their pre-
school or after school days in activities housed in the
We look forward to continuing to provide a location for
events, community programs, gatherings and
community activity events for many more decades.
Contact Numbers
Hall Rentals
Situated in the heart of
St. Albert, at 17 Perron
Street, with plenty of
nearby parking, the hall
holds fond memories for
many in St. Albert.
St. Albert’s Original Gathering Place
New Years Eve Dance
St. Albert Community Hall 17 Perron Street, St. Albert
Members Only
For Membership Registration Call Michael  at 780-458-6611
Dancing 8:00 to 1:00 Free dance lesson for beginners Music by       Mike on the Mic Fantastic Late Lunch Reasonable Drink Prices Door Prizes
7:00pm December 31, 2017 $35 per person  $210 table of 8
St. Albert Community Hall